Ogbono Soup Kit


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Ogbono soup (draw soup) is a rich, delicious west african soup made with grounded dry ogbono seeds (African mango seeds). This delicious soup can be cooked with or without vegetable such as spinach, ugu or bitter leaf. It packs a lot of bold and rich flavors and is incredibly delicious! Ogbono soup is commonly eaten with fufu dishes like pounded yam or eba but that doesnt mean you can have it with a more healthy swallow such as oat, wheat or plaintain fufu.
This kit contains your choice of protein, palm oil, grounded ogbono, leaf vegetable of choice (Ugu or Spinach), scotch bonnet, salt, seasoning mix, salt and smoked prawns. With these 8 ingredients, you can make a delicious pot of ogbono in 15mins.


Allergens: May contain traces of seeds, soya beans and nuts.

Please contact us for specific allergies


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