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(Pronounced Or-far-da) also known as designer stew, originates from Western Nigeria and gets its name from a locally grown rice known as Ofada rice. This delicious sauce is enriched with flavours as it is originally made with a variety of red peppers.

This box contains red pepper (blended with onions), locust beans, chilli flakes, crayfish, scotch bonnet, salt, spices, bleached palm oil and your choice of protein. These ingredients have been pre-prepped allowing you to cook up a tasty pot of ofada in very little time.

Allergens: May contain traces of seeds, soya beans and nuts.

Please contact us for specific allergies


  1. Temi (verified owner)

    Gosh! I ordered because I wanted something different and was tired of purchasing this sauce from a popular restaurant. I received a neatly packed box, quick through DHL and tidy packaging. The sauces were pre prepped and meat, including spices provided. I didnt know what to expect initially. I made my sauce in less than 45 minutes. Tasty- 100%, delicious and tasted just like the one I would always buy and delivered 100% more than my expectations. I’m glad! And most of all I can pretend like I cooked it from scratch hahaha. Keep it coming, I certainly will be purchasing more.

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